Marine treasures: Geoffrey Bay species and photos, August 2014.

ALGAE Dictyosphaeria sp. Padina sp. – leafy alga. Halimeda sp. Calcareous alga (green) Lithophyllum sp. – calcareous alga (pink) Cystoseira sp. Galaxaura sp. – red alga in Rhodophyta group Colpomenia sp. (puffy green-brown alga) Jania sp. – similar to Galaxaura. CORALS Goniastrea aspera (honeycomb coral) Acropora millepora (bushy staghorn coral) Platygyra sinensis (brain coral) … Continue reading

Rally for the Reef

An important invitation from NQCC On Wednesday 23rd July, 5 Australian senators will be in Townsville conducting hearings into the adequacy of the Australian and Queensland governments’ efforts to stop the rapid decline of the Great Barrier Reef. Some of … Continue reading