Protecting the Garbutt Grassland: an invitation info event flyer copy

The Mundy Creek Catchment Care group are working with the Townsville City Council and Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare to host a community information event, including a BBQ on site on Saturday afternoon, 18 November from 3-5.00pm.

Meeting place will be at the end of Lockheed Street in Garbutt (access from Hugh Street or Ingham Road). This street terminates at the bikeway which runs along the edge of the grassland.

You are invited to come along and learn more about what’s happening in the area and have your say about the group’s proposal to preserve the Garbutt Grassland for the community. Those who came on our Mundy Creek field trip early in the year will remember Bernadette and Peter taking us through part of the grasslands and talking about their plans.

Grasslands are so often undervalued, ignored or abused so this is a great opportunity to protect an area which still survives close to the heart of our city. The area has been assessed as being of significant conservation and scientific value and in good ecological condition. It supports a variety of native animals (particularly birds and reptiles) and native plants, including many native grasses. It is also an integral part of the Castle Hill-Rowes Bay landscape of woodland, grassland, dunes and wetlands.

If you are not able to attend, please consider supporting the proposal by sending an email, including the text below in the body of your email, and your name and postcode. A swag of such replies will help the group strengthen their case for protection of this area. 

Here is the suggested text, but you can of course put it in your own words if you prefer.

A recent study* demonstrated the significance of the Garbutt Grassland (Lot 151 SP232890). I support Mundy Creek Catchment Care’s proposal to preserve the area as an Environmental reserve for the Townsville community. I understand that the Environmental Reserve will be collaboratively managed by Mundy Creek Catchment Care, Landcare Townsville and the Townsville City Council.

Add your name, postcode and date and send to Bernadette.

* Please contact us if you would like a copy of this study which ably demonstrates the conservation values of this area.

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