Townsville Town Common Conservation Park ~ 19th NOVEMBER, 2023


The outing will be on this coming Sunday, 19th November, and will be a drive/walk covering the various bird-watching hides and other sites in the Townsville Town Common Conservation Park.  As the water bodies on the Common are drying up, another ‘shift’ of birds is moving in – those able to use the shallower water and muddy pond edges are appearing as those that prefer deeper water are moving on to other, wetter locations.  We may also see some interesting changes in the cohort of forest birds as some move from drying inland areas to seek out still-damp sites on the coast.

Meeting time and place:  At 8:30 am, at the Town Common Conservation Park entrance.  From Cape Pallarenda Road turn left into Emmerson Street (about 2.5km past the caravan park at Rowes Bay, where there are signs to both the Town Common and the Golf Club.  We will meet just inside the park entrance gate (where the gravel road starts) with a view to car-pooling, where possible, for the rest of the drive.

Transport:  People will provide their own transport to the meeting place, but please email us if you need a lift.

What to bring:  Good shoes for walking on uneven gravelly paths, morning tea, *WATER*, gear for birdwatching and photography, HAT, sunscreen, insect repellent and whatever else you think appropriate for an area with no facilities.


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