Kingfisher Lagoons, Douglas ~ SEPTEMBER 2023 Outing


The outing will be on this coming Sunday, 24th September, and will be a walk through the southern section of Kingfisher Lagoons in Douglas. This lagoon system was formed when the Black Weir was built and water was impounded in a complex of small creeks that previously would have drained into Ross River. The area is well vegetated and the walk will be mostly shaded.

Meeting time and place:  At 9:00 am, at the intersection of Freshwater Drive and the western end of Warbler Crescent (see red asterisk in the map below).  There’s no marked parking space anywhere in the area – parking on the roadside of Freshwater Drive or Warbler Crescent appears to be the only option.  Fit people may prefer to park near the Weir Primary School, walk across the Federation Footbridge, and walk along the bike-path to the meeting place, but that will add about 1.7km each way.

Transport:  People will provide their own transport to the meeting place, but please email us if you need a lift.

What to bring:  Good shoes for walking on uneven gravelly paths, morning tea, *WATER*, gear for birdwatching and photography, HAT, sunscreen, insect repellent and whatever else you think appropriate for an area with no facilities.



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