Mt Stuart Summit ~ APRIL 2023 Outing



The outing will be on this coming Sunday, 23rd APRIL, and will be a walk along sections of the tracks at the summit of Mount Stuart.  There is a ‘loop track’ around the tower installations and the lookout, a track through the reserve south of the towers and a much-used track that leads north-east to the cliffs where adventurous people go abseiling.

Meeting time and place:  At 9:00 am, at the carpark between the Stuart Hotel and the BP service station on Stuart Drive.  This carpark is about 2.2 km past the major intersection of Stuart Drive and University Road (Bruce Hwy).  We can ‘carpool’ here to avoid taking more cars than necessary up Mt Stuart Road, whose entrance is about 3.5 km further south from our meeting place.  The ~9 km road to the summit is steep and winding in places and requires careful driving to avoid mishaps with wildlife and vehicles on blind corners.

Transport:  People will provide their own transport to the meeting place, but please email us if you need a lift.

What to bring:  Good shoes for walking on an uneven track with potentially loose rocks (walking poles could be useful for some of us), morning tea, *WATER*, gear for birdwatching and photography, HAT, sunscreen, insect repellent and whatever else you think appropriate for an area with no facilities.  Given the time of the year, a raincoat and/or umbrella could also be handy!

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