Palmetum ~ APRIL 2024 Outing/ Deferred AGM


The outing will be this coming Sunday, 21st April, and will be a walk through Townsville’s famous Palmetum.  The variety of habitats that have been established in the Palmetum provide for a diversity of animal life along with the great range of palms and other plants to be seen.  The proximity of the tea rooms has nothing whatever to do with this choice of outing site.

The AGM scheduled for 7-April had to be abandoned when the number of attendees that day (3!) didn’t constitute a quorum.  To keep our status as an incorporated association, we MUST hold a properly constituted AGM as soon as possible so, on Sunday, we’ll conduct that meeting first – it shouldn’t take long – and then explore the different ecosystems found in the Palmetum.  All reports to be presented at the AGM were emailed to members on 25th March.

Meeting place & time:  We will meet at 9am at the Palmetum Savannah shelter: This is a large roofed shelter (approx 12m x 5m) located near the far end of the lagoon. It is open on all sides, with no table but has bench seats around the perimeter.  Enter via the main gate then turn right and walk behind the tea rooms to meet the concrete path through the Savannah Zone, and follow that path around to the Savannah shelter (see red line in the attached map).  In dry conditions, it’s possible to veer off the path and take a shortcut across the grass, but that route will be squelchy if there’s been enough rain.

Transport:  People will provide their own transport.

What to bring:  WATER, snacks (if patronising the Tea Rooms doesn’t appeal), shoes good for walking on potentially wet ground, hat, sunscreen, insect repellant, bird-watching gear.

Email us if you have any questions.

NOTE:  People who sent proxies for the proposed 7-Apr meeting don’t need to send them again.

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