Sagittaria : A weed to watch out for


Sagittaria platyphylla - click to enlarge

Sagittaria platyphylla – click to enlarge

If you have not come across this weed, Sagittaria platyphylla (aka Delta Arrowhead), do take note of this information as it poses a real risk to waterways in our region. I was alerted to it by Kirralee Donovan from NQ Dry Tropics who is anxious for everyone to be familiar with its appearance and on the look out for its presence.

The flyer below was produced in conjunction with the Burdekin Shire Council, because of concerns over its potential for serious impact in that region, but that certainly does not mean it won’t be found elsewhere in the north. In fact Kirralee tells us that, according to current information, the weed is currently isolated to the Ross River. There is, however, high risk of it spreading to other high value waterways and wetlands over a wider area. Identification, reporting and eradication is therefore a high priority. 

Sagittaria platyphylla is described as “a highly invasive, fast-growing aquatic weed that causes significant impact to irrigation channels, waterways and wetlands.” It is a prolific seed-producer and can also be spread through its tubers and runners. Once established it can quickly create a monoculture, choking waterways and wetlands and can prove expensive and difficult to eradicate and control. It has become a major problem in the Murray Darling Basin.

Please also see this link for more detailed information provided by the NSW government.

If you see this weed, or what you think may be this weed, collect a specimen if possible or at least take a note of its location and contact NQ Dry Tropics (4722 5715 or see flyer below) and/or your local council (for Townsville City Council call 1300 878 001 and ask for Integrated Sustainability Services)

Sagittaria 9161_NQDT Weed Alert Fact Sheet Flyer_FA_web

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