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On 19th September, we will go to a block of crown land near Mutarnee and explore sections where we have set up camera traps previously, or will in future (see map below).  The area is mainly eucalypt woodland with an understorey that includes grass trees, Townsville grevillea, other small trees and abundant native grasses and groundcovers.  Tracks though the area have been badly damaged by irresponsible off-road drivers and erosion is severe, but we should find tracks good enough for us to walk the 1.5-2 km from Barrett Rd through to Lorna Creek, a small waterway that drains the area. It’s very unlikely that Lorna Ck will be good for a dip, but there should be enough shade for us to enjoy a cuppa and check out the area.

Meeting time/place:  9:00 am at the intersection of Barrett Rd and Spiegelhauer Rd.  Barrett Road meets the Bruce Hwy just north of Ollera Creek – turn left into Barrett Rd, go past the turnoff to Mt Spec/Paluma and proceed to the next intersection, where Spiegelhauer Rd and ‘Glider Rd’ (just a badly-gouged dirt track) meet Barrett Rd.  We will park near the bus shelter there and walk east towards Lorna Creek.

Allow about 40 minutes to get from Deeragun/Jensen to the Spiegelhauer Road meeting place.

Transport:  People will provide their own transport, but please email us if you can offer someone else a lift, or need a lift yourself.

What to bring:  Morning tea/lunch, *WATER*, gear for birdwatching and walking (some dirt tack, some rough ground, some gullies), hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and whatever else you might need.

We plan to return to the meeting place before lunch, and then drive about 2 km to a shady section of Crystal Creek to cool off and have lunch.  People who attended our October outing last year will remember this very pleasant spot.

Please email us if you are planning to come (so we know who to expect at the meeting point) or if you have any questions.

Map:      Click to enlarge

Mutarnee Lot 24 trip map 20210919

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