Upcoming Bluewater Forest trip: Sunday 21st October


On 21st October, weather permitting (after 6 months of almost no rain!!), we will travel up the Paluma Range section of Forestry Road, as far as the old forestry shelter shed, and explore the tracks and forest in that area. Forestry Road intersects the Bruce Highway at the Bluewater Park Rest Area on the northern bank of Bluewater Creek, and extends inland through the Bluewater and Bluewater Park residential areas, becoming a gravel road where it passes the last of the rural residential blocks. The gravel road is in quite good condition until the climb up the Paluma Range starts – we can expect a slow trip as we navigate the rutted and winding road from the bottom of the range to the old forestry shed. Conventional cars will cope if the road is reasonably dry.

Meeting time:  At 9:00 am – allow 20-25 min for the drive from the northern outskirts of Townsville.

Meeting place:  Bluewater Park Rest Area at the turnoff left from the Bruce Highway, just after crossing Bluewater Creek (see map below). We will move off from there at 9:15 am to wind our way up to the old forestry shed.

Transport:  People will provide their own transport, but people with AWD/4WD vehicles may have spare seats for those who think their car would be better left at home or the Bluewater Park Rest Area. Please email us if you can offer someone else a lift, or need a lift yourself.

What to bring:  Morning tea/lunch, *WATER*, birdwatching and walking gear, hat, insect repellent, and whatever else you think appropriate for an area with no facilities. People wishing to relax over their morning tea/lunch are advised to bring a CHAIR as the shelter shed has an adequate roof but no seating. We anticipate returning soon after lunch.

Further Information:  Taking the beginning of the gravel road as a starting point, there is an attractive creek crossing at ~6.1km, an old gate (closed when road beyond is inaccessible) at the Paluma Range National Park boundary (~7.2km), and the shelter shed at ~13km.

Even Further Information:  With the recent, unexpected storm activity, washouts on the gravel road may become worse and make for a very unpleasant drive up the range. In that event, we will choose an alternative destination – if you advise your interest in attending, we will let you know by Saturday, 20th October, of any change of plans.

Email us if you have any questions.

Map:  Click on map to zoom in.

Forestry Rd Bluewater blog map1


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